Specialty Chemicals Management and Planning

Our experience with some of the most problematic produced crudes in the world delivers excellent insight and tailored solutions to our clients.

Managing and improving your Pour Pour, BS&W, Anti Foaming, Anti Wax, Anti Asphaltenes, Corrosion controls, Heating costs, Water Cuts, Handling Costs and HSE is our key focus.


Organic, Carbon Based Chemicals. The Future Is Here

Hydrocarbon Dynamics proudly manufactures and delivers a new frontier of environmentally safe chemical solutions to its clients.

Industry proven with significant cost benefits and high performance. Hydrocarbon Dynamics range of ground breaking carbon additives allows clients to replace multiple chemical regimes with a single 'green' additive that is best in its class.

Stimulate Production with Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

Talk to us about Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and targeted well stimulation using our environmentally safe chemical solutions.

With over ten years of R&D and hundreds of EOR well stimulations under our belt, Hydrocarbon Dynamics enhances your production with a unique tri-phase solution that is not only environmentally responsible, but delivers superior results.

Feature: Turner Bayou Project

Proprietary 3D seismic survey targeting the Wilcox, Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford formations;
major phase oil, with some
natural gas production.


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